D-Line Safe-D® Stag Clips  

D-Line Safe-D® fire-rated Stag clips are an innovative and simple to install. 18th Edition compliant, they ensure cables, wherever installed, are supported so they will not collapse prematurely in fire & potentially hinder evacuation and firefighting activities.

First-fixed with their lower barbs gripping in pilot-holes, ready for second-fix cabling works. After cable(s) are inserted in the head section, installers simply push home the smooth head to give a tight fitment around either one or two cables.

The Stag Clip design eliminates any need to ever handle the sharp barbs, while inserting cables is incredibly simple, and no screws are required.

  • >1200°C melting point
  • Can be 1st fix rested in pilot hole, before 2nd fix inserting cable(s)
  • No screw required, simply push smooth head in pilot hole
  • 5.5mm or 6mm x 30mm deep*
  • Head sections overlap for secure cable fitment
  • 2x cable versions lock together when overlapped
  • Ideal for FP & MICC cables, T&E and flexes

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items