Cable Jointing Systems  

Internet Electrical offer for sale a full range of cable jointing systems for both above and below ground installation.

Product ranges include SWA armoured resin cable joints, Pratley junction boxes and Wiska gel filled cable joints.

All products are heavily discounted away from manufacturers trade prices.

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  • In-Line Resin Cable Joints

    SWA Cellpack cast-resin universal straight cable joints for Copper and Aluminium Conductors, including lightweight, easy flow resin. These in-line resin cable joints are the ideal method joining 2 cables underground and or under water.

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  • Wiska LEDJOY Pre-filled Gel Insulated Joint

    Wiska LEDJOY® is an innovative IP68 gel insulated junction device for connecting small cross-section cables from 0.5-1.5 mm². The unique cable blocking system ensures a safe and securely connected cable.

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  • Pratley Aluminium Cable Junction Box

    Pratley strong and durable IP68 aluminium alloy junction boxes offered in an extensive range of sizes and configurations.  Supplied with unique built-in glands and waterproofing shroud. For surface installations only, cannot be buried underground.

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  • Wiska Shark Gel Insulated Watertight Cable Joint Kit

    The Wiska SHARK® Range is a gel insulated joint range that makes resin joints a thing of the past. SHARK® Joints are all pre-filled with an insulating gel, simply complete your connection, place into the SHARK® joint, close and your done.

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