AVSPEAKER42WHIC White 42 Strand PVC Insulated Speaker Cable 100m Reel

Ideal for all types of stereo equipment with low, medium or high power outputs. Highly flexible and easy to conceal - can be laid under carpet or along skirting boards even in the tightest of spots.

Manufacturer: Internet Electrical

£ 26.18 incl. VAT
£ 21.82 excl. VAT

Normally despatched within 1-2 working days
Normally despatched
within 1-2 working days

Internet Electrical Ltd AVSPEAKER42WHIC Description

  • Application: Speaker cable for connections between amplifier and speakers
  • Type: Speaker Cable
  • Number of Cores: 2
  • Conductors: 42 Strand Plain Copper
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Outer Sheath Colour: White
  • Max Voltage: 60V
  • Length: 100m Reel

Internet Electrical Ltd AVSPEAKER42WHIC Features

Oxygen-free copper construction for improved signal transmission. Especially suitable for long cable runs & high quality speakers giving tighter more controlled base and smoother treble.

The conductors are laid side by side in a flat figure of 8 configuration.

2 x 42 strands 0.2mm copper strands with white PVC sheath.