Bell Pushes & Chimes  

Internet Electrical offer an extensive range of Honeywell and Friedland bell pushes and chimes offering innovation and individualism to every home.

From the convenience of Honeywell wirefree doorbell kits to Friedland's traditional wired accessories there is a product to suit every style and taste – from traditional to modern.

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  • Honeywell Series 3 Wireless Doorbell Kits

    Honeywell Series 3 wireless doorbell kits are designed to be simple, reliable and hassle-free. Available in both portable and plug-in models these Series 3 doorbells provide outstanding sound quality, reliable wireless connectivity and a 2 year product guarantee so you can simply fit and forget.

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  • Honeywell Series 5 Wireless Doorbell Kits

    Honeywell Series 5 wireless doorbell kits are packed with amazing features, their sleek design allows them to blend seamlessly into any home. Simple to install and set-up to work straight out of the box they provide incredibly reliable wireless connectivity and improved battery life.

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  • Honeywell Series 9 Wireless Doorbell Kits

    Honeywell Series 9 wireless doorbell kits represent the very best. Portable, versatile and innovative, these doorbells boast an impressive 200m wireless range, are pre-linked and ready to go from the moment of purchase and deliver complete peace of mind thanks to a 5 year battery life.

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