Electric Space Heating 

Internet Electrical's extensive range of electric space heating products provide a flexible solution for domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

Electric space heating is easy to install, keeping installation costs to a minimum. For new build properties this means installation at the second fix wiring stage, and for refurbishment/replacements it means minimal disruption for the household.
Requires lower initial capital spend and has much lower maintenance and service costs than traditional gas central heating. With overall minimum cost savings of up to 17%, electric space heating is now the viable alternative to traditional heating methods.
Electric hand dryers are efficient and environmentally friendly, and ensure staff, visitors and customers can dry their hands quickly and easily.

An extensive range of the latest electrical heating products from leading manufacturers such as Dimplex, Rointe, ATC, Elnur, CED, Creda, Manrose, Dexpro, Warner Howard and more.

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  • Dimplex Quantum

    Dimplex Quantum is the world’s most advanced and economical high heat retention storage heater that stores low-cost, off-peak energy to be used throughout the day. Now with upgraded iQ controls, they intelligently match lifestyles delivering heat only when it is needed.

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  • Dimplex Q-Rad Electric Radiators

    Dimplex Q-Rad electric radiators are the most intelligent electric radiators yet. Combining good looks with simple controls these sleek, slim and stylish heaters deliver complete control over home heating, offering users adaptability, affordability and unrivalled functionality.

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  • Rointe Eco Electric Radiators

    Rointe are one of the industry's leading manufacturers - supplying innovative, energy saving electric heating solutions.

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  • ATC Low Energy Electric Radiators

    ATC’s Thermal Electric Range use a combination of convection and radiated heat, to provide an evenly distributed, comfortable warmth to any room.

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  • Elnur Low Energy Electric Radiators

    Elnur low energy electric radiators have high-quality aluminium elements allowing a natural convection of air through the radiator, providing perfect heat distribution, radiation and a thermal inertia that ensures maximum energy savings and very low running costs.

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  • Electric Storage Heaters

    Storage heaters take advantage of low-cost, off-peak electricity to deliver heat on demand in the home or workplace. Available in a range of sizes and heat outputs from the market leading brands Dimplex, Creda Heating and Elnur. Range includes high heat retention units.

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  • Electric Panel Heaters

    Electric panel heaters bring stylish yet subtle good looks to both classic and contemporary interiors. They provide instant, controllable heat and benefit from the latest digital and programmable technologies to provide modern, efficient and controllable heaters. 

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  • Electric Convector Heaters

    Dimplex electric convector heaters includes both portable and fixed wall mounting options that are ideal for providing background heat in a variety of room sizes that aren't always occupied. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use in conservatories or meeting rooms.

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  • Electric Fan Heaters

    Electric fan heaters deliver instant heat throughout the modern home. Wall mounting downflow fan heaters are a popular choice for heating bathrooms and kitchens. Portable letter box and upright fan heaters offer fast heat up in any area and they can be carried between rooms.

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  • Dimplex Plinth Heaters

    Dimplex plinth heaters fit discreetly into the base of kitchen units, reception desks and shop counters. Supplied with choice of different coloured grille to blend in with kick space. Features a seven-day timer with electronic thermostat. Remote controlled via bluetooth controller.

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  • Electric Towel Rails

    Internet Electrical offers a wide choice of electric towel rails that provide warm, dry towels all year round. Dependent on their output and the size of bathroom, selected ranges can provide background or full heat to deliver a cosy, comfortable, and relaxing ambience.

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  • Air Curtains

    Air curtains provide powerful and effective heating above entrances to shops and offices. They warm the door entrance area allowing doors to remain open for longer, promoting increased business. They can equally be used as high-level fan heaters where the need arises.

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  • Dimplex Tubular Heaters

    Dimplex ECOT range of thermostatic tubular heaters is ideal for applications which require safe, low-wattage background heating for localised frost protection or window de-misters. Low cost heating for domestic or commercial use. Discreet brackets for walls or floors.

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  • Hand Dryers

    Hand dryers are a must for today's modern commercial washrooms. The Internet Electrical range of hand dryers includes products from Dyson, Xlerator, Warner Howard and Vent-Axia these are ideal for installing where economy, hygiene, convenience and safety are crucial.

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