Dimplex Girona Panel Heaters  

Dimplex Girona electric panel heaters offer simplicity of design combined with leading edge performance. Their sleek white and black glass façades and louvered top grille surpasses all traditional design criteria to give a sophisticated range of heaters that harmonises beautifully with the most fashionable of décor allowing them to fit seamlessly into any room.

Features CapSense controls and offers a highly intuitive user interface that allows complete control over the temperature of the room for maximum comfort. The seven-day timer profiles enable heating requirements to be pre-set with a seven day programmer and different user profiles such as ‘holiday mode’ can be used as required.

The LCD display and six touch-sensitive buttons enable easy usability and also have an optional sound when pressed, for greater accessibility. The temperature display is also colour-coded to assist the visually impaired.

Adaptive start is the Girona’s intelligent self-learning, delayed start function. This assesses the thermal characteristics of the room and then determines how long the appliance needs to operate for to reach the target temperature. By measuring the heat-up and cool-down rates of the room, and how this varies with external factors, the heater works out what time it needs to start heating to reach the user-defined target temperature at a specified time. This minimises wasted energy and can deliver significant cost savings.

Should a window or door be left open accidentally, the Girona will detect a sudden change in temperature and postpone heating. Once the window or door has been closed, the heater will resume normal operation. This technology ensures that the output from the heater is reduced when heat is escaping from a room, avoiding wastage and saving you money.

The robust steel casing also ensures the heater is splash-proof, enabling use in bathrooms.

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