Electric Water Heating 

Internet Electrical offers a comprehensive range of all types of electric water heaters from UK leading brands Zip, Heatrae Sadia, ATC, DexPro, Redring and Backer.

Suitable for installation in both domestic and commercial environments they utilise the latest technologies to deliver energy efficient water heaters that are easy to install and save energy and money.

Whatever the requirement, from beverage water heaters, instantaneous water heaters, vented or unvented water heaters, handwash water heaters or electric showers, we are able to supply the right product at the right price.

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  • Beverage Water Heaters

    Beverage water heaters deliver constant filtered boiling water for great tasting tea and coffee. Suitable for installation in commercial environments. They are available in a white or stainless steel casings and there is a choice of wall mounted or counter top modern designs. 

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  • Instantaneous Water Heaters

    Instantaneous water heaters offer an innovative solution to delivering heated water at the point of use without the need for centrally stored hot water cylinders. These small electrically powered inline water heaters heat water 'instantly' as it flows through the product.

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  • Unvented Water Heaters

    Unvented water heaters are suitable for domestic and commercial installations. They deliver mains pressure hot water and a balanced supply of output to each outlet they supply. They can be used for supplying multi-basin installations, such as kitchens & washrooms.

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  • Vented Water Heaters

    Vented point of use water heaters are a popular means of providing localised hot water to a single sink or basin in kitchens, workshops, surgeries and similar environments. Commonly installed above the sink providing instant hot water on demand. Energy efficient solution.

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  • Handwash Water Heaters

    Handwash water heaters provide an energy-efficient source of hot water for hand washing, at the point of use, where long inefficient pipe runs would otherwise be required. These compact, self-contained units don't need a separate tap. Relatively cheap and easy to install.

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  • Electric Showers

    Electric showers take cold water from the household mains water supply and heats it on demand using an internal heating element to deliver your desired temperature and flow. As they only heat the water that they use, electric showers are considered to be highly efficient.

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  • Immersion Heaters & Thermostats

    Backer Electric immersion heaters & thermostats are supplied in standard copper and incoloy anti-corrosive options for aggressive water areas. Fitted with separate thermostat, they are reliable, strong and adaptable. Compatible with all domestic hot water cylinders. 

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  • Zip Hydrochill Filtered Water Dispensers

    Counter-top, under-counter and floor standing dispensers are available to ensure there's something for all requirements. Zip's wide range of HydroChill dispensers offer sustainable bottle filling solutions.

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