Electric Showers  

Electric showers take cold water from the household mains water supply and heats it on demand using an internal heating element to deliver your desired temperature and flow, with no energy or temperature losses associated with storing hot water..

They require only a mains cold water connection and an electrical supply and with the latest Redring Smart Fit™ technology provide the ultimate flexible, simple installation

Thermostatic electric showers constantly monitor and regulate water flow and temperature to ensure that the temperature is accurately maintained for a safer, controlled showering experience. They are widely specified by care sector professionals.

Redring has a range of stylish and safe electric showers that set new standards in product performance and user friendliness.

Ranges include:

  • Redring Pure electric showers
  • Redring Bright electric showers
  • Redring Glow electric showers
  • Redring Selectronic Premier thermostatic electric showers

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  • Redring Pure Electric Showers

    Redring Pure electric showers combine attractive good looks with great value, making them a perfect choice for cost-conscious showering with a stylish design. Simple to use with convenient push button start / stop operation and are A energy efficiency rated.

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  • Redring Bright Electric Showers

    Redring Bright electric showers have been purposely designed to enable quick and easy installation The choice of 6 cable entry, 8 water entry points and the FlexiFit riser rail make it the ultimate replacement shower. The removable lower section allows ease of access and the dual terminal blocks offer left or right-hand side power connection. A Energy efficiency rated.

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  • Redring Glow Electric Showers

    Redring Glow electric showers are an appealing package for both installers and homeowners with the powerful combination of attractive design features, ease of installation and a reassuring 3 year warranty. Featuring chrome accent controls, an illuminated digital temperature display, phased shutdown anti-scaling technology, 5 mode showerhead and SmartFit™ technology this is a "must have" electric shower.

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  • Redring Glow Thermostatic Electric Showers

    Redring Glow Thermostatic electric showers give highly accurate temperature control to within 1.5°C and phased shutdown for safety, comfort and complete piece of mind when showering. They feature tactile push-button controls for all functions and a digital temperature display with audible feedback confirmation. The shower accessory kit has a five mode, rub-clean shower-head and a 1.5m anti-kink shower hose.

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