Instantaneous Water Heaters  

Instantaneous water heaters offer an innovative solution to delivering heated water at the point of use without the need for centrally stored hot water cylinders. 

These small electrically powered inline water heaters heat water 'instantly' as it flows through the product. This saves on electricity usage as they have no standby energy losses.

Their compact design helps to optimise space in any room size. They are suitable for installation in properties with minimal hot water requirements or remote areas of the home such as the garage.

Safety and reliability is paramount in such heaters which is why they are fitted with a safety cut-out point to prevent overheating.

Ranges include:

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  • Zip InLine ES Instantaneous Water Heaters

    Zip InLine ES instantaneous electronic water heaters are designed to provide hot water for handwashing in residential and commercial properties where space is limited. Using their highly energy efficient bare-wire heating system they automatically heat the water as it flows through the units, without wasting energy in standby operation. The outlet temperature is 38°C, however it can be adjusted between 30°C and 45°C upon installation. Intended for connection to the mains water supply, they should be sited close to the outlet.

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  • Zip CEX InLine Instantaneous Water Heaters

    Zip CEX InLine electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters offer energy-efficient hot water for single or multiple outlets. Models are available for over-sink (CEX-O) or under-sink (CEX-U) installation. Provide a constant supply of instant hot water at exactly the temperature selected with zero standing heat loss as there is no stored water. The heating element automatically switches on when the hot water tap is opened and switches off when tap is closed.

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  • Zip NEXT InLine Instantaneous Water Heaters

    Zip Next InLine electronic instantaneous water heaters for single or multiple outlets - the most energy efficient way of directly heating water electrically - affordable and reliable.

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  • Heatrae Sadia Multipoint Instantaneous Water Heaters

    Heatrae Sadia Multipoint instantaneous water heaters are compact in size to fit almost any environment and location, providing hot water in an instant for showers or tap outlets. Ideal for supplying hot water to a remote area, such as garage or cloakroom and is perfect for student accommodation and holiday lets. Fitted with a safety cut-out to prevent overheating and have a white moulded ABS vandal-resistant casing.

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  • ATC INST5.7 Instantaneous Water Heater

    The ATC INST5.7 is a compact 5.7kw wall mounting instantaneous water heater that provides instant hot water for the smallest of spaces making it ideal for offices, homes, restrooms and sports facilities. Stores no water, it only heats water when in use making it energy efficient. Fitted with ON/OFF switch and front step-less temperature adjustment, with power level led indication.

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  • DexPro Inline Instantaneous Water Heaters

    The range of DexPro Delux Inline instantaneous hot water heaters are ideal for use where space is a premium and hot water is needed for hand washing.

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  • Redring Powestream Instantaneous Water Heaters

    Redring Powerstream unvented instantaneous water heaters which deliver instant hot water at point of use. Will supply 1 or 2 hand wash basins. Ideal for en-suite shower rooms, small washrooms etc.

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