Unvented Water Heaters  

Unvented water heaters are suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.

They are cost effective due to the flexibility of their installation. Produce mains pressure hot water and a balanced supply of output to each outlet it supply. This means they can be used for supplying multi-basin installations, such as kitchens & washrooms. There is no need for a separate cold water cistern which means a more flexible installation process.

Unvented Water Heaters are available as undersink and oversink options, meaning total flexibility depending on the installation requirements.

Ranges include:

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  • Zip Aquapoint III Unvented Water Heaters

    Zip Aquapoint III unvented water heaters are available in a range of different sizes to serve single or multiple outlets in a domestic or commercial environments. Suitable for use with conventional taps and mixers. Glass lined steel storage tank tested to 12 bar and a sacrificial anode is fitted for protection against aggressive water conditions. Operates at mains pressure and supplied with all the necessary accessories and factory fitted pressure and temperature relief valves.

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  • Zip Aquapoint IV SmartEco Unvented Water Heaters

    Zip Aquapoint IV are sustainable, durable and efficient wall mount unvented water heaters suitable for commercial and domestic installation. Boasts a number of innovative features, including its SmartEco mode and anti-legionella function. Popular favourite for use in showering and washing. Corrosion resistant white plastic case with high performance foam insulation together with a glass lined steel storage tank tested to 13 bar. Factory-fitted Pressure & Temperature relief valves.

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  • Zip Varipoint II Unvented Water Heaters

    Zip Varipoint II unvented water heaters with their low lifetime cost are the ultimate "fit and forget" products. Have the capacity to serve hot water, at mains pressure, to single or multiple outlets, working with conventional taps in domestic or commercial installations. Outer case is made of white high impact, corrosion resistant, white plastic complete with a heavy gauge copper storage tank tested to 16 bar, with a working pressure of 6 bar. Supplied with factory fitted pressure and temperature relief valve.

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  • Heatrae Sadia Multipoint Unvented Water Heaters

    Heatrae Sadia Multipoint unvented water heaters are ideal for commercial installations where a single water heater is required to service the needs of multiple outlets. With no need for a cold water cistern, they are quick and easy to install, all that is needed is a cold water supply and mains electricity connection Vertically mounted and with the choice of two different electrical power ratings. Supplied with a factory-fitted temperature and pressure relief valve.

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  • Heatrae Sadia Hotflo Unvented Water Heaters

    Heatrae Sadia Hotflo unvented water heaters are designed for installation in commercial washrooms with two or three hand basins or sinks. No requirement for a cold water cistern, which provides flexibility of installation and they work with either standard or mixer taps. The high-grade copper inner container with integral element ensures a reliable long-term solution. Available in two capacities and features a pressure relief valve and an externally adjustable thermostat from 10°C-70°C.

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  • DexPro Unvented Undersink Water Heaters

    DexPro Delux Unvented water heaters can deliver mains pressure hot water to 1 or multiple outlets. Ideal for use in light commercial applications Ideal for use in light commercial applications such as, offices, shops, factories, schools/universities, hospitals, modular buildings or domestic applications often when there is no gas supply.

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  • DexPro Delux Unvented/Vented Water Heater

    The DexPro Delux stainless steel water heater can either be installed as an unvented system where it can supply 1-2 basins at high flow rates using mains pressure or a Vented system to supply a single sink using a vented tap.

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