Vented Water Heaters  

Vented point of use water heaters are a popular means of providing localised hot water to a single sink or basin in kitchens, workshops, surgeries and similar environments.

They are most commonly installed above the sink, and provide instant hot water on demand saving you money on energy as only small amounts of hot water are used.

A Point of Use Water Heater has an open outlet and relies on the opening of a tap or valve on the inlet side to displace the hot water in the heater with the incoming cold water. The open outlet ensures that any excess pressure in the heater is vented. 

All heaters contain an automatic thermostat to maintain the desired temperature which is moderated by a thermal cut-out unit which provides a safety-first maximum water temperature which can be pre-set at installation time.

Installation is very simple and no specialist accessories are needed. With a range of capacity sizes, modern designs and a diverse choice of models vented water heaters offer convenience and energy efficiency.

Ranges include:

  • Redring WS7 vented water heater
  • Zip Tudor4 vented water heaters
  • Heatrae Sadia Streamline vented water heaters
  • Heatrae Sadia Express vented water heaters

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  • Redring WS7 Vented Water Heater

    Redring WS7 vented water heater offers an economical solution to provide stored hot water at the selected temperature ready for instant draw off at the point of use. The unit is supplied with dispensing flow valve and a chrome swivel spout for over sink mounting and can also be used undersink. Ideal solution for intermittent dishwashing in a small cafe or office kitchen. Adjustable thermostat with 15-75°C temperature range with frost protection setting. 

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  • Zip Tudor5 Vented Water Heaters

    Zip Tudor5 vented water heaters are ideal for delivery of hot water to single point of use remote sinks. Supplied in oversink and undersink options. Externally adjustable temperature control with frost protection ensure heater is protected against freezing while the power is switched on. Impact resistant, easy clean white plastic casing, polypropylene water tank and CFC-free insulation. Manually resettable over- temperature safety cut-out.

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  • Heatrae Sadia Streamline Vented Water Heaters

    Heatrae Sadia Streamline vented water heaters are ideal for environments which require small amounts of hot water at a time such as single washrooms or small kitchens. Exceptionally versatile with under-sink and over-sink versions in two sizes and with two different kW ratings. Attractive, slender and compact thermoplastic design. Quick to fit and easy to use. All that is needed is a cold water supply and mains electricity connection.

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  • Heatrae Sadia Express Vented Water Heaters

    Heatrae Sadia Express vented water heaters have traditional design suitable for demanding commercial and industrial applications such as canteens and workshops. Their tough metal case makes them easily capable of withstanding the rigours of daily use. Adaptable, they can be fitted with a telescopic spout for over-sink use or with taps when installed under sink. Available in choice of 7 litre or 15 litre versions, rated at 3kW.

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  • DexPro Delux Vented Water Heaters

    Ideal for use in light commercial or domestic applications, DexPro Delux Vented single point of use oversink / undersink water heaters are great quality and value for money.

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