Energy Saving Controls 

Internet Electrical offers a comprehensive range of occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, time delay and time lag switches from market leading companies such as Danlers, CP Electronics and Timeguard.

Energy saving controls: the march to reduce the amount of energy used when lighting and heating domestic, commercial and industrial environments is relentless. Most of the new light fittings and electric heaters have energy efficient features built into the products. These are showcased in the lighting fittings and space heating section of the website.

However, adding "standalone" energy saving controls and sensors to existing lighting or heating installations is by far the easiest and most popular solution for enhancing energy efficiency and cutting costs.

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  • Danlers PIR Occupancy Switches

    The DANLERS range of passive infra-red occupancy switches is designed for the automatic control of lighting, heating, ventilation or air conditioning loads. This has the benefits of reduced energy bills and automatic control of lighting within commercial properties.

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  • Timeguard Internal Ceiling Mount PIRs

    Timeguard internal ceiling mount PIRs are ideal for energy saving in corridors and offices where light control can make a real difference. These 360º surface and flush mount detectors switch lights on when presence and motion is detected in combination with light levels.

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  • Danlers Photocell Switches

    The Danlers range of ceiling photocell switches is designed for the automatic control of lighting loads. Lights can be switched on automatically when there is not sufficient ambient light and off again when the ambient light increases above the pre-set lux level. 

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  • Forum Lighting PIR Occupancy Sensors

    The Forum Lighting range of PIR occupancy sensors are available in standard and long range surface mount, recess mount and conduit mount options. All fittings have 360° detection angle, 6m - 20m range and adjustable Lux settings to save even more on energy costs.

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  • CP Electronics Green-i PIR Occupancy Switches

    CP Electronics Green-i PIR occupancy switches are easy to install and have been developed to save you energy on lighting, heating and ventilation by reducing the amount of time lighting is left on unnecessarily. Available as flush, surface or batten mounted versions.

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Occupancy sensors are ideal for areas with intermittent or difficult to schedule use. They switch lighting or heating on/off according to body heat and motion. Occupancy sensors can be wall or ceiling mounted, are easy to install and low maintenance.

Daylight sensors harness natural light and provide balance between natural and artificial light. In addition to saving energy, the use of natural daylight in commercial buildings has been proven to have a positive influence on productivity and psychological well-being. 

Time delay and time lag switches have a single gang push button delay ensuring lighting or heating is not left switched on when not required.

It is proven that use of these simple, high quality and reliable products will secure lower energy bills, with savings quoted in excess of 80%. The products are straightforward to install and generally use the existing wiring, making them suitable for either retrofitting or new installations.

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