Aico EI140 Mains Voltage Smoke & Heat Alarms  

Aico 140 Series mains voltage smoke and heat alarms have been developed specifically for use in applications where budget is a primary concern. Designed to allow maintenance to be carried out by the owner occupier, the Aico EI140e series has no need of back-up by lithium power cells having opted for alkaline battery back-up instead which can last for as long as four years when in stand-by mode.

Aico EI140e smoke and heat alarms also boast unique Easi-fit technology – an innovative installation solution that requires no additional mounting kits, connectors, leads, or wiring enclosures. Quick and simple to install, these high-quality smoke and heat alarms represent outstanding value for money, and can be used on any wood, concrete, or plasterboard surface without any difficulties with the handy fixing screws that come supplied with your purchase.

With a proven track record of high efficiency detected and excellent reliability, the Aico 140 series is the perfect affordable choice.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

Installation and use of the Aico EI140e series

The main task of fire alarm sensors is early warning. This will allow people to leave the premises safely. Thus, the priority location for installing such sensors is near potential fires. It should also be remembered that the sensor signal must be audible at any point in the building without exception. All of this is taken into account by specialists when planning a fire alarm installation.

The Aico EI140e series includes models of heat alarm EI144E and smoke alarm EI146E. It is important to consider that in places with possible smoke or dust, it is necessary to install heat alarms. This will help avoid false alarms of smoke detectors in such premises.

Conversely, smoke alarms are installed in places where fires could potentially occur, such as in the kitchen or living room.

The integrated use of sensors will provide reliable early warning and help protect lives. The Aico EI140e series mains 240volt with alkaline battery backup is a budget friendly solution with effective early warning systems that allow you to sleep peacefully.

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