Aico EI3000 Mains Voltage Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarms  

The Aico EI3000 series has been designed to cover the entire property in just a single series. Technologically advanced, this series is capable of detecting both CO (carbon monoxide) and fire, thus ensuring that there is complete protection for the entire building.

The Aico EI3000 range comprises options to suit all needs, including the EI3028 multi-sensor heat and carbon monoxide alarm and the EI3024 multi-sensor smoke and heat alarm as well as single sensor optical, heat and carbon monoxide alarms that all come with a ten-year rechargeable Lithium cell back-up battery for even greater peace of mind.

With intelligent sensors, SmartLINK wireless interconnection, and AudioLINK data extraction, it is possible to monitor data system-wide effortlessly. Thanks to their Easi-fit base, Aico EI3000 smoke alarms, heat alarms or multi-sensors are also simple to install. As the range is backwards compatible with all existing Aico products, you can enjoy even greater versatility.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Aico EI3000 Series: Redefining Safety
At the core of the Aico EI3000 series is its utilisation of advanced multi-sensor technology. This innovative approach combines different sensor types within a single device, enhancing the accuracy and responsiveness of the system.
Integrating multiple sensors, including heat and optical sensors, allows for a more comprehensive and intelligent detection of potential threats.
The SmartLINK feature enables remote monitoring of the alarm system, providing users with real-time information about the status of their devices. Whether at home or away, users can access crucial data, ensuring peace of mind and swift responsiveness to any detected issues.
For users seeking a more integrated approach to safety, the EI3000 Series is compatible with building management systems. This compatibility facilitates seamless communication with other building systems, allowing for a cohesive and centralised approach to safety and security.