LED Drivers & Lighting Transformers  

Here at Internet Electrical we have a selection of constant voltage and constant current LED drivers and lighting transformers available in stock.

LED drivers & lighting transformers are designed to regulate the flow of electricity reducing the AC voltage from the mains supply to a much lower level, ensuring lights function and perform at their optimum.

If you're fitting low voltage lighting, then you'll more than likely need a lighting transformer. Lighting transformers reduce 220-240v mains to a lower voltage (usually 12 volts). They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and supplied in both dimmable and non-dimmable options. Maintenance free transformers, with their compact design allow installation through the luminaire aperture.

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There are two main types of LED drivers, constant voltage and constant current that ensure LED light bulbs and fittings will last their full quoted lifetime in both indoor and outdoor installations.

Constant voltage LED drivers output exactly the DC voltage specified, usually 12V or 24V. LED lamps and other fittings can be connected in parallel to such a driver.

Constant current LED drivers maintain a constant current throughout the electronic circuit, usually 350mA or 700mA, but vary in voltage. LED lamps and other fittings can only be connected in serial to such a driver.

Features latest ranges from Aurora Lighting, Ansell Lighting and PowerLED showcasing the latest in LED driver and lighting transformer technology.

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