Outdoor Lighting  

Whether installed for aesthetics, practical or security reasons Internet Electricals ranges of Outdoor Lighting are selected for their quality and individuality.

Outdoor lighting continues to enjoy sustained growth as domestic and commercial customers seek new and innovative ways to maximise their outdoor space.
Illuminate paths and stairways with outdoor spotlights, highlight architecture and landscape features to create depth and character, and add warmth to patios and decked areas. Drive-over outdoor lights, porch lights, security lights and floodlights can improve the safety and security.
All of the outdoor lights are ingress protected, certified for water and dirt resistance, specifically designed to withstand exposure to the UK weather.

Internet Electricals' range of exterior lighting is second to none with vast offerings from Collingwood Lighting and Forum Lighting, amongst others.

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  • Collingwood Landscape Lighting

    Internet Electrical are pleased to offer an extensive range of Collingwood Landscape Lighting including Ground Lights, Wall Lights, Spike Lights and Bollards. Transforming any landscape with lighting design is as important as interior lighting.

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  • Ansell Lighting Avio IP65 LED Bollards

    The Avio are a range of robust die-cast aluminium bollards with a choice of textured finishes suitable for commercial applications. These modern LED outdoor bollards are ideal for illuminating pathways and patios.

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  • Ansell Lighting Driveover / Walkover Lights

    Ansell Lighting's range of inground driveover / walkover inground uplights are made from high grade stainless steel or die-cast aluminium to withstand the UK climate. Available with high performance LEDs or as a GU10 option.

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  • Ansell Lighting Garden Spotlight

    The Ansell Lighting Garda and Flora ranges of dual purpose outdoor garden spotlights are supplied with mounting bracket and spikes. These LED and GU10 fittings are ideal for providing feature lighting effects in both domestic and commercial outdoor spaces. 

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  • Ansell Lighting Latina Lanterns IP65

    Ansell Lighting's Latina contemporary IP65 coach and half lanterns are manufactured in textured polycarbonate with tinted lens' that are resistant to corrosion. Available in both integrated LED light bar or LED / low energy lamp versions for uniform light output.

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  • Ansell Lighting Leo LED Lanterns

    Modern styled, non-dimmable, polycarbonate wall lanterns, with white reflector and clear polycarbonate diffuser. CCT selectable between 3000K and 4000K. Available as Half Lantern and Full Lantern versions. PIR options.

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  • Ansell Lighting Misano Architectural LED Wall Lights

    Misano Square / Round architectural, modern exterior bi-directional LED wall lights are suitable for semi-commercial and residential applications.

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  • Ansell Lighting Outdoor Bricklights

    Ansell Lighting's Mattone, Fidenza and Libretto outdoor LED bricklights offer a stylish and classy addition to any home, offering subtle illumination of pathways and walls. Available in polycarbonate, die-cast aluminium and stainless steel with a choice of front covers.

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  • Ansell Lighting Outdoor Bollards

    Ansell Lighting's extensive range of outdoor bollards are ideal for illuminating pathways and patios, this attractive range of bollard lights provide reliable light in outdoor spaces, suitable for commercial and domestic applications.

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  • Ansell Lighting Outdoor Wall Light

    Internet Electrical offer an extensive range of Ansell Lighting outdoor wall lights to meet the increasing demands for illumination of external spaces in both residential and commercial environments.

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  • Ansell Lighting Senza LED Outdoor Lights

    Ansell Lighting Senza range of LED outdoor lights offers contemporary die-cast aluminium wall lights and bollards finished in graphite textured powder coat paint. Wall lights and bollards are available in standard and PIR options for increased security.

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  • Ansell Lighting Zecker Outdoor Twin Head LED Spotlights

    These flexible, compact, and economic aluminium LED adjustable twin head floodlights are designed for greater flexibility and coverage. Selectable CCT 3000K/4000K/6000K, and PIR versions with 8hr manual override facility are available.

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  • Ansell Lighting Turlock IP67 Fixed LED Ground Lights

    Ansell Lighting Turlock fixed high performance LED inground uplights are suitable for commercial, hospitality and residential applications. Suitable for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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  • ASD Lighting Polycarbonate Coach Lanterns

    ASD Lighting vandal resistant polycarbonate coach lanterns have a traditional, elegant design with significant anti-weathering benefits over die-cast aluminium. These wall mounted units benefit from the versatile QUICK FIT electrical connection system that eases installation and helps prevent the end user installing the product incorrectly.

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  • ASD Lighting Polycarbonate Half Lanterns

    ASD Lighting half lanterns with opal windows have a traditional, elegant design manufactured in vandal resistant polycarbonate with all the anti weathering benefits over die cast aluminium. These wall mounted units benefit from the versatile QUICK FIT electrical  system connection. Available in both integrated LED and low-energy lamp options.

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  • Aurora Outdoor Marker Lights

    The Aurora Lighting M-Lite™ PRO and M-Lite™ range of LED marker lights are manufactured in stainless steel. Available in a range of kits and single luminaires. IP67 and IP68 rated they are ideal for interior and exterior applications, such as decking areas or low level lighting.

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  • Aurora WallE Outdoor Lighting

    Aurora Lighting WallE is a range of decorative surface mounted LED wall lights rated for use in a range of outdoor environments and applications. Available as a fixed down and up/down options luminaire in white, black, grey and stainless steel finishes.

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  • Aurora Recessed Ground Lights

    The Aurora G-Lite™ GU10 and LED stainless steel walkover and driveover ground lights are designed to be discreetly recessed and can be used in both domestic and commercial applications such as lighting pathways and patios.

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  • Coast Breez Outdoor LED Brick / Guide Lights

    Coast outdoor LED surface brick lights feature a rectangular or circular design frame finished in anthracite with opal diffuser. The discreet designs are perfect for providing guide lighting for walls and pathways and the cool white LEDs adds an atmospheric look. Double insulated and IP65 rated makes them suitable for outdoor use. Round version has grill diffuser providing downward illumination.

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  • Coast Outdoor Wall Lights

    Coast outdoor wall lights offer a broad range of styles to deliver light to the outdoor of residential homes and commercial offices. Finished in black polycarbonate with opal diffusers they are weatherproof  and ideal for coastal environments where moisture and saline is prevalent. A range of different styles and lighting effects ensure there is a product in the range to meet every need.

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  • Collingwood Outdoor LED Wall Lights

    Available in black and grey finishes - a visually pleasing collection to suit your requirements. A range of robust, good looking LED wall lights from Collingwood Lighting

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  • Forum Lighting Antar IP44 Outdoor Wall Lights

    The Forum Lighting Antar is a range of compact and stylish GU10 wall lights that are ideal for use in any outdoor space, such as exterior walls, front door lighting or garden wall lights creating an atmospheric lighting effect. Manufactured in aluminium and finished in textured black and stainless steel they are available in either single down wall lights of twin up/down wall light options 

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  • Forum Lighting Artemis Box Lanterns

    The Forum Lighting Artemis is a range of contemporary styled box lanterns that offer an interesting design comprising straight sides and domed top that is a popular choice for illuminating exterior walls and front entrances at commercial and domestic properties. IP44 rated they are supplied without lamps.

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  • Forum Lighting BRAC Outdoor GU10 Wall Lights

    BRAC outdoor tubular wall lights offer a stylish elegant fittings in a solid brass construction delivering a subtle glow of light that adds a touch of glamour to any exterior walls around the home and garden.

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  • Forum Lighting Gamma Outdoor Wall Lights

    Modern cylindrical design with a circular backplate and a tapered white polycarbonate diffuser. The perfect solution for illuminating any garden or patio area delivering bright illumination when required.

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  • Forum Lighting Helix Outdoor Tubular Wall Lights

    Attractive, ribbed cylindrical design with back plate designed to cast light down external walls, with additional lens providing a 360 degree beam around the fitting itself. Perfect for highlighting features in gardens and patios.

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  • Forum Lighting LED Lanterns

    Forum Lighting LED lanterns include a full range of styles and finishes including traditional coach and half lanterns, curved, box style, and fisherman's and miners styled fittings. Including products from the Zinc and Coast brands there really is a product to meet every need for lantern style lighting. Suitable for LED low energy lamps - to be purchased separately.

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  • Forum Lighting Lens Outdoor Tubular Wall Lights

    Attractive cylindrical design with back plate designed to cast light down external walls, with additional lens providing a 360 degree beam around the fitting itself. Adds a stunning effect when illuminated, perfect for highlighting features in gardens and patios.

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  • Forum Lighting Leto Outdoor GU10 Wall Lights

    The Forum Lighting Leto range of cylindrical wall lights have a contemporary design that is perfect for bringing a designer look to both indoor and outdoor spaces. This extensive range offers a host of different fittings and ranges ensuring there is a fitting for every requirement.

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  • Forum Lighting Minerva Box Lanterns

    The Forum Lighting Minerva range of single light outdoor rectangular box frame lanterns that sit flush to the wall and feature clear glass panes that showcase a decorative lamp that offers a bright light to illuminate outside of any building. IP44 rated for safe outdoor use they are supplied without lamp.

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  • Forum Lighting Scout Surface Mount LED Ground Lights

    An exceptional lighting solution that brings a designer look to any outdoor space and is ideal for use as driveway lights, decking lights or recessed patio lights - can withstand up to 2000kg.

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  • Forum Lighting Outdoor Spike Spotlights

    Forum Lighting outdoor spike spotlights feature a cylindrical spot light head finished in either black or stainless steel on a ground spike. The angle adjustable spotlight head allows light to be directed to illuminate any garden feature or as a general wash of light. IP rated, these fittings are suitable for outdoor use making them both stylish and versatile.

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  • Forum Lighting Pollux Universal LED Post Lights

    The Forum Lighting Pollux is a range of IP44 rated ground mounting LED post light / bollard with the option of 3 variable heights of 300mm, 550mm and 800mm. The integrated LED's deliver 4 watts, 200 lumens of stunning warm white 3000K light. Constructed from a die-cast aluminium in both black and stainless steel finishes. 

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  • Forum Lighting Perdita Curved Lanterns

    Forum Lighting Perdita are stunning satin black aluminium outdoor lanterns with clear polycarbonate panels. They offer a mix of modern day tastes and vintage styling with sleek curves and lines.

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  • Zinc Pan Outdoor LED Ground Lights IP65

    Zinc Pan outdoor LED in-ground lights offer contemporary illumination of path or driveways. IP65 rated suitable for outdoor use. Available in either stainless steel finish slatted cover which emits far-reaching beams of light when illuminated or black aluminium domed diffuser which provides directional lighting. They bring mood lighting to any outdoor space.

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