Recessed Modular Lighting  

Robustly manufactured lighting supplied by Internet Electrical, designed to provide powerful light and a long service life, there is a recessed modular luminaire to suit all requirements.

Primarily used in offices, commercial, retail and schools, recessed modular lighting offers an economical, high-quality lighting solution where 15mm or 24mm exposed T-bar ceilings are used.

An extensive range of LED products fit flush to the ceiling, increasing the visual appearance whilst perfectly blending in with their surroundings and bringing buildings to life.

The range is made up of quality fittings from Ansell Lighting, Collingwood Lighting and JCC Lighting.

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Advantages of recessed modular lighting

One of the most remarkable aspects of recessed modular LED lighting fixtures is their ability to integrate into ceilings seamlessly. They merge with the architecture of a space, becoming an elegant, unobtrusive part of the design. Whether you're designing a modern retail space or a cutting-edge office, these fixtures enhance the aesthetics of the environment while providing exceptional illumination.

Our recessed modular light fixtures utilise LED technology, renowned for its reduced power consumption compared to traditional lighting sources. The result is not only lower energy bills but also a reduced environmental impact, making them a green choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Some of our recessed modular light fixture ranges, such as Ansell VOLO, come with colour temperature and dimming capabilities, granting you the flexibility to adjust the lighting to suit your specific needs. Others, such as COLLINGWOOD LIGHTNING Domino LED panels, create an uncluttered ambience while their low glare characteristics reduce eye strain, making them ideal for visually comfortable environments. This adaptability ensures that your space remains versatile and functional for a variety of activities.

All these fixtures are engineered for longevity. Built with high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand the test of time. Their extended lifespan means less frequent replacements, reducing maintenance costs and the inconvenience of constantly changing light sources.

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