Retail Lighting  

To meet all of Retail Lighting needs, Internet Electrical offer a comprehensive range of products, including wallwash, spotlight, downlight, pendant and recessed lightbox light fittings. 

Retail lighting is about creating the perfect ambience with the optimal light levels to showcase products in order to maximise sales and the customer's experience.
With increasing online competition, retailers must strike the right balance between ambient, product and task lighting as well as considering energy usage and running costs.

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  • Ansell Lighting Unity LED Wallwashers

    Ansell Lighting Unity white die-cast aluminium recessed LED wallwashers have an adjustable tilt angle from -15° to 45° with 355° rotation ensuring these fittings can highlight wall based product displays in virtually all retail installations.

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  • Ansell Lighting Unity Square & Rectangular Downlights

    Ansell Lighting's Unity range of recessed single square and twin rectangular adjustable LED downlights are available in standard and retractable head designs allowing for a range of installation option in retail installations.

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  • Aurora Prysim Adjustable LED Wallwasher

    The Aurora Lighting Prysim™ high output IP65 rated LED wallwasher is well suited for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications such as retail, display and canopy lighting. The 45W non-dimmable Prysim™ is adjustable to easily focus the light.

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  • JCC Lighting Starscoop Linear LED Wallwasher

    JCC Lighting Starscoop high output linear LED wallwash luminaire delivers a highly efficient 101Lm per circuit watt. The neutral white 4000K LEDs deliver lifelong consistent colour temperature and rendering. Manufactured from white durable die cast aluminium.

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Retail Lighting considerations:

  • Ambient lighting is the main lighting ensuring customers have enough general lighting to feel comfortable in the store.
  • Task lighting is used in areas of a store where more light is needed to perform certain tasks for instance changing rooms or checkout areas.
  • Accent lighting emphasises product display or areas within the store to attract a customer’s eye
  • Decorative lighting is mainly used to add to the look and feel of the store with a decorative fixture.

Reduced energy costs, quick turn on/off, clear colour rendering, durability and savings on maintenance are all factors that have driven LEDs to become the most widely used light source in retail.