Surface Linear Luminaires  

Internet Electrical is pleased to showcase industry-leading ranges of Surface Mounted Linear LED Fixtures - perfect for commercial and retail lighting solutions.
These luminaires are suitable for all commercial and retail settings, delivering practical yet appealing lighting solutions with the low energy, low maintenance benefits of LED lighting technology.
Features the latest ranges from Ansell Lighting, JCC Lighting, Collingwood, Ovia and Aurora Lighting, showcasing the latest in LED technology.

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Advantages of surface-mounted linear LED lighting

At the core of surface linear luminaires lies state-of-the-art LED technology, marrying exceptional luminosity with unmatched efficiency. Such LED fixtures deliver consistent, even light distribution that not only augments the ambience of your space but does so while being exceptionally energy-efficient, ensuring substantial cost savings.
Many of our surface-mounted linear light fixture ranges, such as Ansell Adrina or Ansell Crescent, are equipped with colour temperature and power selection capabilities, offering you unparalleled customisation options. Whether you require a warm or cool light or an intensity that adapts to different tasks, these fixtures provide the adaptability you seek. They are designed for surface mounting, a feature that simplifies the setup process considerably. This design choice is ideal for spaces where traditional recessed installations might be impractical or for those looking to add a contemporary lighting element to their environment without the need for extensive structural modifications. Surface mounting ensures that these fixtures can be installed quickly and efficiently, making them a convenient and versatile choice for a wide range of applications.
Crafted from premium materials, these surface-mounted linear LED fixtures are designed not only for energy efficiency but also for durability, ensuring an extended operational lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements. Bid farewell to the cycle of frequent replacements and embrace years of dependable, radiant illumination.
Internet Electrical presents a curated selection of linear LED fixtures meticulously designed to transcend traditional lighting solutions. Their seamless integration into a diverse range of interiors, from contemporary office spaces to presentable retail spaces, underscores their adaptability and aesthetic versatility.

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