Steinel Security Products  

Steinel is the inventor of the SensorLight and pioneer of high-frequency technology for use in professional lighting automation. 

As such, Steinel was the first manufacturer to use HF-technology for detecting movements in spaces and buildings and invisibly integrate it in lights. Today,  STEINEL leads the world in this segment.

Steinel is also a market leader when it comes to combining cutting-edge LED lighting with sensor technology.

The Steinel Professional brand is the number 1 choice for architects, lighting planners, electrical fitters and consultants the world over. In all room situations they impress with excellent functionality, long life and outstanding value for money.

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  • Steinel XLED-HOME2 LED Security Floodlights

    Steinel XLED-HOME2 LED security floodlights are available in XL and standard versions. These sensor-switched outdoor floodlights have a fully swivelling LED panel designed with a classy opal look. Each fitting has a swivelling (180° horizontal, 90° vertical) precision PIR sensor with 180° coverage and 10 m reach. Used for lighting entrance areas, driveways, courtyards and gardens.

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  • Steinel XSolar L-S LED Security Floodlights

    Steinel XSolar L-S LED security floodlights are a no compromise solution that are ideal for gardens patios and external walls. These sensor switched solar floodlights deliver 30m² of bright LED light, consume no energy and need no wiring. Their temperature-resistant rechargeable battery provides 60 days of guaranteed light availability whatever the weather

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  • Steinel IS180-2 Wall Mounting PIRs IP54

    Steinel IS180-2 IP54 wall mount PIRs are incredibly easy to install with a simple, elegant design and robust finish. Equipped with two highly sensitive infrared detectors to provide reliable, uninterrupted all-round protection of expansive building fronts, courtyards and driveways. They deliver 180° coverage, 12m reach and have selectable time and twilight thresholds. Includes corner wall mount

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  • Steinel IS1 Motion Detectors IP54

    Steinel IS1 IP54 motion detectors are easily wall or ceiling mounted for watching over areas in front of buildings and on driveways. With perfected technology in an unadorned design they deliver 120° coverage, 10m reach and selectable time and twilight threshold. The sensor head turns through 30° and tilts through 180° for precision targeting of the detection zone.

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  • Steinel IS130-2 Wall Mounting PIRs IP54

    Steinel IS130-2 IP54 wall mount PIRs are available in white, black, silver and anthracite. These classic sensors are ideal for monitoring areas with precision targeting in front of buildings and on driveways. They deliver 130° coverage, 12m reach and have selectable time and twilight thresholds. For exact targeting of the detection zone the sensor head turns through 50° and tilts through 90°.

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  • Steinel IS2180 Wall Mounting PIRs IP54

    Steinel IS2180 wall mount PIRs are available in 2 ranges 2180-5 with 20m reach and 2180-2 with 12m reach. Ideal for building fronts on homes, businesses, factories and outdoor spaces. These fittings have a modern design which blends into their environment. They deliver 180° coverage and have selectable time and twilight thresholds, manual override and include corner wall bracket.

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  • Steinel IS140-2 Wall Mounting PIRs IP54

    Steinel IS140-2 IP54 wall mount PIRs have wide adjustment angle, greater reach and high detection performance. The units are fitted with a precision, spherical fresnel lenses that detects people with greater precision. They deliver 140° coverage, 14m reach and have selectable time and twilight thresholds. For exact targeting of the detection zone the sensor head turns through 180° and tilts through 90°.

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  • Steinel IS240 DUO Wall Mounting PIRs IP54

    Steinel IS240 DUO IP54 wall mount PIRs have two highly sensitive detectors allowing large areas to be watched. Mounting the detector on an outside corner (using supplied bracket) delivers reliable, uninterrupted coverage of an area in front of two building walls without blind spots. They deliver 240° coverage, 12m reach and have selectable time and twilight thresholds.

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  • Steinel Spot LED Security Wall Spotlights

    Steinel Spot LED security wall spotlights are available in single Spot ONE and twin Spot DUO versions, each of which can be tilted 180° and turned 90° to create precision highlights on any wall. Sensor-switched, slave (non sensor) and Bluetooth-Connect version with wireless connection that can be set-up and controlled via the Steinel app.

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  • Steinel LS150 LED Security Floodlights

    Steinel LS150 LED security floodlights illuminate large areas with a neutral white 4000K light output of 1760Lm making them extremely effective at deterring intruders. The robust aluminium enclosure, finished in black and white, is ideal for applications in extreme conditions. The understated design blends perfectly into all surroundings.

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  • Steinel XLED Curved LED Floodlights

    Steinel XLED Curved compact LED outdoor floodlights are ideal for illuminating building entrances and pathways. Finished in white and anthracite, the sensor blends seamlessly into the enclosure design delivering a pleasingly understated, unobtrusive look. Fittings can be swivelled through +/- 30° allowing light and sensor to be directed where it is needed.

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  • Steinel XLED Slim LED Security Wall Lights

    Steinel XLED Slim LED security wall lights captivate with their stylish and elegant design that provides attractive lighting for building entrances and pathways. With their almost invisible sensor that blends into the background delivering a restrained design. Fittings can be swivelled through +/- 30° allowing light and sensor to be directed where it is needed.

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  • Steinel XLED ONE LED Security Floodlights IP44

    Steinel XLED ONE IP44 LED floodlights deliver long-lasting and effective lighting with and without PIR sensor. Their energy efficient, powerful LED panels can tilt through 180° delivering warm white 3000K LED light for garden, driveways and porches. Sensor versions have 180° coverage and 12m reach, automatically switching light on when movement is detected.

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  • Steinel Nightmatic Wall Mounting Photocells

    Steinel Nightmatic wall mounting photocells are ideal for control of lighting on building fronts and shop windows. Automatically switches light 'ON' at dusk and 'OFF' again at dawn. The Nightmatic 3000 versions have an intelligent night-economy mode. Their definable light-level threshold ensures the sensor responds to when you want to switch the outdoor lighting on.

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  • Steinel IS2160 Eco Wall Mounting PIRs IP54

    Steinel IS2160 Eco IP54 wall mount PIRs are inexpensive and suited to small premises, garage approaches and entrances. These fittings are super flexible, the detection zone can be adjusted to suit any situation simply by tilting (through 70°) and turning (through 40°) the sensor head. They deliver 160° coverage, 12m reach and have selectable time and twilight thresholds.

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