Consumer Units  

Pre-populated consumer units represent the most convenient solution for all domestic premises. Designed to be ready to install, a populated electrical consumer unit comes already fitted from the factory with all the devices, so you can save time and money on the jobsite. There are multiple fuse board options to select from including surge protected, dual RCD, switch and RCD isolator, so you are sure to be able to find the unit you need to meet your precise needs.

We stock models from some of the market’s leading suppliers, such as Hager, FuseBox, MK Sentry, and Lewden amongst others, and with such a broad spectrum of styles and configurations on offer, there is sure to be a version that suits your requirements.

Our consumer units have enclosures that fit discreetly and seamlessly into all living environments, ensuring that they are a perfect option for all homes. Even better, they are long-lasting and sturdy enough to accommodate all domestic needs.

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  • Pre-populated Consumer Units

    Pre-populated consumer units come ready to install with all devices factory fitted saving time and money on site. Available in an extensive range of sizes and configurations including surge protected, dual RCD, switch and RCD isolator.

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  • Hager Consumer Units

    Hager Design 10 consumer units offer functional boards created for all applications. They deliver a host of benefits to meet today's protection, control and energy management needs.

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  • Wylex NM Series Consumer Units

    Wylex NM series metal consumer units deliver the latest residential circuit protection approaches, whilst maintaining quality, affordability and safety.

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  • Lewden Metal Consumer Units

    Lewden Metal 18th edition consumer units offer an attractively designed range of populated and unpopulated products that allow maximum design flexibility using modular incoming and outgoing devices.

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  • Fusebox Consumer Units

    Fusebox consumer units offer flexible versatile solutions for 18th Edition installations. The range has been designed to allow a 2 module SPD to be fitted to the right hand side of the incomer without affecting the number of usable ways. If an SPD is not required these additional 2 modules can be used for devices such as time clocks, installation contactors or a bell transformer.

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  • Scolmore Elucian Consumer Units

    The Elucian range has comprehensive options for every installation - Main Switch units, RCBO units, Split Load units and Surge Protected units.

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  • Wiska Consumer Unit Relocation Kit

    The Wiska domestic consumer unit relocation kit is the ideal solution to allow you to extend the original circuits in the household to reach the new placement of the consumer unit all in one enclosure. It not only saves on installation time but ensures secure and tidy connections.

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