Fusebox AFDD Arc Fault Detection Devices  

The Fusebox range of 1 module 6kA 30mA combined 1P+N switched AFDD + RCBO devices fit all Fusebox consumer units. They replace the equivalent Fusebox RCBOs where additional ARC protection may be required.

Fusebox AFDD RCBO devices work by pro­tect­ing against arc faults when they immediately trip a cir­cuit on the de­tection of elec­trical arcs. This pre­vents the possibility of a fire occurring and adding another level of safety to the consumer unit.

Type A for AC and pulsating DC sensitivity and fully compliant and 3rd party tested to BS EN 6206 / IEC 61009-1.

Double pole RCBO AFDD meaning the Line and Neutral conductors do not have to be disconnected for IR (insulation resistance) testing if the lever is in the OFF position making it the ideal solution any property requiring AFDD protection.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Advancing Electrical Safety with Fusebox AFDD

Arc faults occur when electrical current deviates from its intended path, creating an unintended arc of electricity. These events can lead to heat buildup, sparks, and potential fire hazards. Traditional circuit protection devices, such as circuit breakers, are effective against overloads and short circuits, but they may not detect low-level, persistent arcs that could pose a danger over time.

This is where Fusebox AFDDs step in to address a crucial gap in electrical safety. By providing early detection, Fusebox AFDD plays a critical role in preventing electrical fires and mitigating risks. These innovative devices are designed to detect and respond to potentially hazardous arc faults in electrical circuits, providing an added layer of protection for homes and businesses.

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