Test Instruments 

Internet Electrical's offers for sale a wide selection of electrical test instruments demanded by the busy electrician and electrical contractor when testing today's electrical installations.

Growing concern for public safety and the increasing complexity of today's fixed electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial premises places extra responsibility on the electrical contractor who is charged with verifying the safety of a given installation.

The carefully chosen range includes testers required to conduct the full range of common circuit integrity checks demanded by the latest 18th edition wiring regulations.

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  • 18th Edition Testers

    18th edition testers are fully featured single function test instruments that use the latest in technology to meet the latest regulations. These compact hand-held insulation and continuity testers, RCD testers and digital loop testers are easy-to-use with a a ‘hands free’ facility.

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  • Multifunction Testers

    Multifunction testers are designed to make electrical installation testing safer and more efficient, performing all electrical testing procedures required by UK BS7671 wiring regulations, without the need to constantly switch the testing device being used.

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  • Portable Appliance Testers

    PAT testers perform routine safety checks on hand held, portable and plug in appliances as part of your routine maintenance to ensure it performs within safety specifications. Whether testing 100's of items a year or 1000's of items a month, we can supply the ideal PAT tester.

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  • Digital Multimeters

    Digital multimeters are indispensable tools for testing, diagnosing, and troubleshooting electrical circuits and devices. Generally used for measuring AC/DC voltage, current and resistance levels. Advanced multimeters have options for testing temperature or capacitance.

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  • Digital Clamp Meters

    Digital Clamp Meters accurately measure AC/DC currents without needing to physically connect with a circuit. They are exceptionally versatile testers with options for measuring current, earth leakage, earth resistance, TRMS, data logging and temperature readings.

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  • Voltage & Continuity Testers

    Voltage & continuity testers measure AC/DC voltages and continuity and generally are of two types. Type one is designed for contact to a system when evaluating voltage levels. Type two are lightweight non-contact voltage detectors that register the presence of live voltages.

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  • Socket Tester & Adaptors

    Socket testers & adaptors conduct a quick and simple check of the internal wiring of a socket without the need to remove the faceplate and potentially cause damage to the installation. Available with visual LED and audible indication showing current status of the installation.

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  • Kewtech Lightmate Lighting Point Testers

    Kewtech Lightmate lighting point testers are an easy way to test loop impedance and R1 and R2 testing of lighting circuits. Fast access to lighting points with secure connections provide better testing results and is much safer. Takes the hard work out of testing light fittings.

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  • Miscellaneous Testers

    Internet Electrical offers a range of miscellaneous testers to meet the needs of today's installer. These instruments include sound meters, light meters, laser distance meters, lamp testers, phase rotation testers and earth resistance testers. Supplied by Kewtech and Dilog.

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  • Electrical Safe Isolation Kits

    Electrical safe isolation kits carry out essential isolation procedures on all types of electrical circuits preventing their operation during maintenance procedures. Lock off kits, voltage indicators and proving units ensure the test equipment is available to ensure safe working.

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  • Test Lead Sets

    Internet Electrical supply quality test leads from UK market leaders Kewtech and Dilog. Manufactured to exacting standards they are essential to the accurate operation of the testers they have been designed to work with. They fit most electrical test equipment.

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  • Kewtech Test Certificates

    Kewtech test certificates are clearly laid out and easy to complete allowing for full certification of work completed in accordance with BS7671 (18th Edition). There are various certifications available depending on the type of electrical work which has been completed.

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Our comprehensive range of electrical test equipment includes multifunction testers, clamp meters, multimeters, voltage and continuity testers, socket testers, portable appliance tester and test leads.
Features latest ranges from Kewtech and Dilog showcasing the latest in electrical test instrument technology.

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