Internet Electrical supplies a comprehensive range of tools that have been specifically selected to meet the diverse needs of electricians and electrical contractors and other professional trades.

The choice of Draper as our preferred tool supplier delivers a respected market leading brand that offers the breadth of product range demanded by today's busy electrical contractors.
A full range of VDE approved, fully insulated pliers and screwdrivers from Knipex and Draper provide total confidence when working with live circuits. Each hand tool having been tested to 1000V AC and exceeding the requirements of BS EN 60900.

With supporting ranges from leading brands such as C.K. Tools, Deligo, Armeg, Starrett and Spit Pulsa you are bound to find the right tool for the job.

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  • Spit Pulsa Electricians Nail Gun

    The 923780 Pulsa 27E is the ultimate electrician's starter kit for cable management using direct fixing. This tool is a game changer.

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  • VDE Pliers

    VDE pliers are made from chrome-vanadium steel and undergo stringent high voltage tests making them safe to use when working on live circuits at voltages of up to 1000V AC. Exceed the requirements of EN 60900, our ranges include CK Tools, Knipex and Draper Tools.

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  • Screwdrivers - Including VDE

    VDE screwdrivers are safe to use when working on live circuits at voltages of up to 1000V AC. Our range includes vde interchangeable screwdrivers, vde screwdriver sets, vde slotted and pozi screwdrivers, mains tester screwdrivers, re-threaders and screwdriver bit sets.

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  • Cable Shears

    Cable shears are handheld tools that cut through aluminium and copper cable and solid wire of various diameters. Their precision-ground, hardened blades deliver a clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation. Range includes VDE-insulated shears.

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  • Wire Strippers

    Wire strippers are handheld tools designed for fatigue free, repetitive stripping of insulation or outer sheath from flat & round cables & wires in a fraction of the time of traditional tools. Available in both manual and automatic versions for leading brands Draper & CK Tools.

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  • Handheld Crimping Tools

    Internet Electrical's range of handheld crimping tools enable the easy and rapid crimping of both non-insulated and pre-insulated terminals. Available in manual and ratchet action versions to suit all budgets, many have cable cutters or strippers built-in as a multi-purpose tool.

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  • Punchdown Tools

    Punchdown tools are used for fast and secure termination of data cable and telephone cable into a patch panel or wiring block when installing telephone and data networks. Automatically seat and trim excess wires in the punch down action. An essential toolbox addition.

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  • Armeg Box Sinker Sets

    Armeg box sinker sets make drilling square holes for socket boxes easier than ever before even when installing into hard materials. The unique Tri-Cut system is capable of drilling a square hole in under 2 minutes. Available in kit forms for even greater savings and benefits.

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  • Armeg Specialist Drill Chisels

    Armeg specialist drill chisels deliver a great collection of established points & chisels combined with a whole series of application specific designs which are real problem solvers. Includes channelling chisels, scaling chisels, scutch comb chisels and mortar raking chisels.

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  • Saws

    The Internet Electrical range of saws includes handsaws, hacksaws and plasterboard saws from popular brands CK Tools and Draper. Great additions to the electricians toolkit, they are manufactured with high quality materials to give maximum performance and durability.

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  • Knives

    Internet Electrical offer a extensive range of branded, high quality knives that are ideal for a host of activities and a necessity for the busy electrician's toolkit. Retractable trimming knifes, cable knifes, electricians pocket knifes and electricians scissors are available.

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  • Club & Claw Hammers

    Club & claw hammers are simple tools used in a wide range of construction projects. Club Hammers are small lightweight sledge hammers with handles made from wood, fibreglass and steel. Claw Hammers have metal and fibreglass handles and rubber handgrips.

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  • Electricians Bolster Chisels

    Electricians bolster chisels are suitable for splitting and lifting floorboards, chasing out walls when fitting flush mounting boxes and other activities that electricians carry out daily. Scutch Chisel are used for chipping and chiselling of tile, mortar and other masonry products.

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  • Spirit Levels

    Spirit levels provide a quick and easy way of checking for horizontal and vertical straightness during installation projects. Available in lengths up to 1.2m our box section levels have both horizontal and vertical liquid filled vials. Supplied by CK Tools, Draper and Starrett.

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  • Tape Measures

    Internet Electrical offer high-quality, durable, accurate tape measures from Draper, CK Tools and Starrett. They measure both metric and imperial units in lengths from 3m to 10m they meet all requirements. Retract automatically using a spring return mechanism for storage.

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  • Conduit / Pipe Cutters

    PVC conduit / pipe cutters are strong and lightweight producing faster, cleaner and precise external cuts of different pipe diameters. Available in both ratchet and hand cutting action options they are comfortable to use and supplied by market leading brands Draper and CK Tools.

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  • Chalk Lines

    Chalk lines are commonly used for marking long, straight lines on relatively flat surfaces that are much longer than is practical by hand or with a straight edge. The Internet Electrical range of chalk line tools and refills offer standard and heavy duty products for everyday use. 

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  • Tackers / Staplers

    Heavy duty tackers / staplers for fastening low voltage cables e.g. telephone, data and coaxial cables to a range of surfaces. Accept 6mm to 14mm staples ordered separately. Much easier than using standard cable clips and make securing cable a much faster process.

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  • Hex Key Sets & Utility Key Sets

    These penknife style hex key sets are an ideal way to keep different allen key sizes together. The hex keys slide neatly into a handle to be stored easily in a pocket or pouch. Utility key sets are needed to open service cabinets, drain radiators, set taps, and open communal doors.

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  • Holesaws

    Holesaws are used for the precise cutting of holes in a variety of materials including wood, plasterboard and metal. The Starrett range has been expanded to include application-specific holesaws and a line of accessories including arbors and pilot drills in all common sizes.

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  • Drill Bits

    Internet Electrical offer a comprehensive range of drill bits to meet all requirements. Our range includes common sizes of HSS, SDS, auger, masonary and flat wood drill bits. Specialist Armeg Wood Beaver drills, taper & step drills and diamond core drills are also available.

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  • Torches & Lighting

    Internet Electrical offer a range of handheld torches, headlamps and portable worklights that provide focussed lighting for inspection and maintenance work in hard to reach spaces - often when needing to work hands-free. A wide range is available from CK Tools and Draper.

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  • Fibreglass Step Ladders

    These step ladders are manufactured from versatile and durable fibreglass which is non-conductive making them safer for working around electricity. They handle the wide variety of tasks required on a jobsite, whilst ensuring optimum safety and convenience for the user.

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  • Tool Bags & Organisers

    Tool bags are invaluable for keeping all tools and accessories together in one place and allowing easy transportation between jobs. They come in various shapes and sizes with handles for easy transportation. Choose from major brands CK Tools, Draper, Starrett. 

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  • Personal Protective Equipment

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects against health and safety risks at work. The extensive range includes high visibility clothing, gloves, safety helmets, masks, eye protection, ear defenders and more. Stay safe with these quality and value for money products.

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  • Gripit MarxMan Drill Guides

    Gripit MarxMan takes the hassle out of wall marking on almost any surface. With one push they quickly and easily jet ink though the fixing, allowing drilling in the right place everytime. Marxman is available in two versions suitable for diameters and depths of 45mm - 100mm

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  • IET 18th Edition Wiring Regulations - Official Publications

    Internet Electrical offer the official publications covering all 18th Edition wiring regulations and are perfect for both trainees and established contractors. These books will ensure you're always in compliance with 18th edition, Part P and more.

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The range of Armeg box sinker sets and specialist drill chisels significantly reduce the time taken to complete first-fix installation and  site preparation works.

The range of hand tools includes cable shears, electricians bolster chisels, handsaws, trimming knifes, hammers, spirit levels and tape measures.

We are confident we have a quality product to meet the needs of the trade supplied by the market leading brands Draper, CK Tools, Armeg and Starrett. Come on, put us to the test....

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