Drill Bits  

Internet Electrical offer a comprehensive range of drill bits to meet all requirements. 

Our range includes common sizes of HSS, SDS, auger, masonary and flat wood drill bits.

Specialist Armeg Wood Beaver drills, Armeg taper & step drills, Armeg diamond core drills, Armeg hole cutter and Armeg solid board cutters are also available.

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  • High Speed Steel (HSS) Drillbits

    Armeg high speed steel (HSS) drillbits are a great general purpose metal cutting drill bit, ideal for fixing holes, tapping & clearance. Suitable for steel and cast materials to 580H/mm². Their roll-forged flute design rapidly removes spoil for progressive drilling actions

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  • Armeg Masonry Drill Bits

    Armeg masonry drill bits are the professional option for masonry drilling using a 3 jaw chuck machine. Manufactured from European sourced high alloy steel ensures the products strength and durability. Their proven flute geometry enables maximum spoil removal, speed and penetration rates.

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  • Armeg Flat Wood Bits

    Armeg flat wood bits are a convenient, value for money option suitable for producing holes in wood with hand and power tools. Manufactured from high quality carbon steel, they have an integral centre point and twin cutting edges which enhance speed and rapid chip removal.

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  • Armeg Wood Auger Bits

    Armeg wood auger bits are perfect for quick precision deep hole drilling in a wide range of diameters. They include ground and sharpened combination cutting edges that produce fast, clean and accurate holes with all types of wood.

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  • Armeg WoodBeaver Wood Drills

    Armeg WoodBeaver wood drills are the smoothest and fastest wood drill bits available today. Their quad flute and quad cutting head design gives a drilling performance that can’t be beaten. Available individually or within standard 165mm or stubby 120mm length sets.

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  • Armeg Taper & Step Drillbits

    Armeg taper & step drillbits produce consistently accurate holes in trunking and sheet steel. Quick-Cone drillbits are perfect for producing an infinite range of hole diameters. The Pro-Step range features a stepped drilling bit with up to 13 drill diameter steps.

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  • Dry Diamond Core Drillbits

    Dry diamond core drillbits are typically used for horizontal drilling into soft abrasive materials such as standard facing bricks and concrete building blocks using suitable hand-held drills. Sold individually or in kit form from market leading brands Armeg and Starrett.

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