Holesaws are used for the precise cutting of holes in a variety of materials including wood, plasterboard and metal.

The Starrett hole saw range includes several new, application-specific hole saws including Fast Cut, Deep Cut and diamond grit, engineered specifically for certain materials, power tools and jobs.

A full line of accessories, including Kwik Change and Quick-Hitch™ arbors, and pilot drills, enables you to optimize each job with safe, cost efficient solutions.

Available in the most common sizes or check out the kits which come with a range of popular sizes.

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  • Starrett Bi-Metal CSC Cordless Smooth Cut Holesaws

    Starrett bi-metal CSC cordless smooth cut holesaw assemblies including arbor, pilot drill and ejector spring, specifically for cordless power tools. Heat resistant high speed steel edge, with alloy backing and constant pitch of 8 TPI for stainless and mild sheet steel, plasterboard, wood and thin non-metallics.

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  • Starrett Bi-Metal FCH Fast Cut Holesaws

    Starrett bi-metal FCH fast cut holesaws combine a new tooth material, with enhanced heat and wear resistance, and a new tooth design that provides a smoother, faster cut on a wide range of materials, when compared to previous versions of the Starrett constant pitch holesaw.

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  • Starrett Carbide MPH Carbide Tipped Holesaws

    Starrett Carbide MPH carbide tipped holesaws will power through wood, MDF, plastics, plasterboard and ceramic wall tiles. Cutting speeds are up to five times faster than a bi-metal holesaw cutting the same material. For trade professionals. the range includes kits to meet all cutting needs.

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  • Starrett Carbide CTD Carbide Tipped Deep-Cut Holesaws

    Starrett Carbide CTD carbide tipped deep-cut holesaws are the perfect solution for repeated intensive drilling in mild and stainless steel, cast iron, copper and aluminium of all thicknesses up to 25mm (1 Inch). Fast cut, minimal snag, efficient swarf removal minimises heat build up, and maximises the holesaw's life.

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  • Starrett Arbors and Holesaw Accessories

    Starrett arbors and holesaw accessories offer fast, tool free changes between different sizes and types of hole saws, plus a simple method of core ejection and hole enlargement. Range includes arbors, pilot drills, hole enlargers and core ejectors for all types of Starrett holesaw offered for sale.

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