Continuous Running Extractor Fans  

Continuous running (dMEV) fans extract stale and moist air at a constant low level trickle rate all of the time thereby helping to reduce mould and condensation.

These fans are more energy efficient than traditional intermittent ventilation offering the lowest power consumption, the lowest noise and the lowest life-cycle costs.

Suitable for installation in all wet rooms including kitchen, bathroom, utility and WCs. They have an automated boost fan mode which activates if they detect a high level of moisture in the room for example when cooking, taking a shower or running a bath.

Continuous running fans are much quieter than intermittent fans, which are often quite noisy due to the amount of air they have to move just to be compliant with Building Regulations.

Ranges include:

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  • Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Revive

    Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Revive is a filterless unitary fan designed to meet the specific needs of social housing. Boasting powerful, quiet, efficient ventilation, Revive offers good indoor air quality and comfort for residents while being quick and easy to install, low maintenance and reliable. Available in mains voltage and SELV low voltage versions that incorporate Smart Sense™ and  Multi-Vortex technologies.

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  • Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Centra SELV

    Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Centra fans deliver attractive and discreet styling which complements the décor of any new home. The fans run continuously at near silent levels providing a simple and effective form of ventilation without intrusive noise. IPX7 protected the SELV versions can be fitted safely within the spray. Also available in dMEV version with pressure detection device.

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  • Manrose Continuum Panel Axial Fans

    Manrose Continuum 100mm continuous running panel axial fans are suitable for wall or panel mounting in bathrooms and kitchens. Their discreet styling with flat facia reduces the impact these fans have on interior decor. Offers continuous running at a very low rate with extremely low noise levels. An automatic boost is available when required. Energy efficient range running at just 3.5W on trickle speed.

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  • Airflow iCONstant dMEV Continuous Running Fans

    Airflow iCONstant dMEV 100mm continuous running fans are the quietest (just 10dBa) available. Suitable for installation in toilet, bathroom, utility room and kitchen. Utilising the very latest motor technology and incorporating advanced features these energy efficient fans eliminate condensation by continuously extracting the damp air at source. Application specific trickle rates are selected at the time of installation. Cost less than a lightbulb to run for a year.

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  • Xpelair Simply Silent™ Contour Continuous Running Fans

    Xpelair Simply Silent™ Contour continuous running fans use Intelligent Adaptiflow™ Sensing. This smart technology works cooperatively with the product’s active humidistat, sensing changes in airflow, adapting the fan speed intelligently to maintain constant volume of extracted air. Available with either square or round fascia to suit installation requirements. Supplied in mains voltage and SELV 24V low voltage options.

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  • Greenwood Unity Continuous Running Fans

    Greenwood Unity are dMEV (decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation) continuously running extract fans that comply with System 3 in the Building Regulations. Installed in all wet rooms including toilets, kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Supplied with an ultra-low energy DC motor and mixed flow impellor. Available in mains voltage and SELV 24V DC low voltage options. Unity CV3 can be App controlled using the CV3 Smartphone App.

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