In-Line Bathroom / Toilet Fans  

In-Line axial and centrifugal bathroom fans provide a discreet and efficient solution to bathroom extraction where there is no direct access to an outside wall. 

Normally installed in the loft space and connected to the outside wall grille using PVC flexible ducting.

They are amongst the quietest products while offering superior extract performance meaning moisture and odour are removed more quickly.

Compliant with current building regulations, making them suitable for new builds or replacements in residential environments.

Ranges included:

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  • Manrose CFD200N In-Line Centrifugal Fan 4 Inch / 100mm

    Manrose CFD200 in-line mixed flow fans are designed for use in bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms and utility rooms. Fitted with backward curved centrifugal impellers for a large airflow against the high pressures caused by longer lengths of ducting and resistance by grilles. Powerful, yet quiet and
    unobtrusive, with extract rates of 110m³/hr 31 litres per second. Manufactured using high impact ABS thermoplastics.

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  • Manrose MixFlo In-Line Mixed Flow Fans

    Manrose MixFlo in-line mixed flow fans have been designed to produce higher working pressures for applications that require high air flows, with low relative noise. They can be mounted in a variety of applications and are suitable for use with either rigid or flexible ducting. All models 3 speed with settings selected via internal dip switch. Double Insulated with no earth required. Fully BEAB approved rated to IPX4. Easy installation and maintenance.

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  • Vent-Axia ACM In-Line Mixed Flow Fans

    Vent-Axia ACM in-line mixed flow are now even more energy efficient fans quieter. They deliver two and half times the pressure of conventional axial fans and are dimensionally more compact making them ideal for many ducted applications. The ACM fans can operate in both vertical and horizontal positions. They have three speeds selectable on installation and are fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.)

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  • Envirovent Silent MV Ultra Quiet In-Line Duct Fans

    Envirovent Silent MV ultra quiet in-line duct fans are designed for ducted systems in domestic installations. Fitted with sound absorbent insulation which is especially advantageous where the system may be running for long periods throughout the day. Delivers optimum comfort without the disturbance of a noisy ventilation system. The range is easy to install and maintain and guarantees exceptional performance with significant noise reduction.

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  • Airflow Aventa In-Line Mixed Flow Fans

    Airflow Aventa in-line mixed flow fans provide quiet and powerful remote mounted ventilation for ducted installations. Available in compact. high performance, two speed versions, they can be installed in loft spaces or service shafts for remote extraction. Can be used with flexible ducting and flat duct systems to ensure compliance with Building  Regulations. Supplied with basic remote switching or timer controls. IPX4 rated.

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  • National Ventilation UMD100TA In-Line Mixed Flow Fan

    The National Ventilation Monsoon UMD100TA in-line mixed flow fan can be used for exhaust and supply ventilation systems that require high pressure, powerful airflow and low noise levels. It is an ideal solution for for rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as ventilation for apartments, houses, shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas etc.

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